U.K. History - 09

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20th century
In 1914, the United Kingdom entered , as part of the Triple Entente with France and Russia against the German and the Austrian-Hungarian Empires. The UK sent the British Expeditionary Force to the Western Front in northern France and Flanders, which fought alongside the French army, and from 1917 the American army. The victory over in 1918 left almost three million casualties, known as the "".
In 1921, the Anglo-Irish Treaty, after the victory of Irish nationalists in the 1919-20 War of Independence established the Irish Free State in the south of Ireland, while predominantly Northern Ireland, or Ulster, remained part of the .
In 1939, The UK declared war on Nazi Germany, thus entering . With the victory of Germany in the Battle of France in 1940, became Prime Minister to lead Britain to victory, first by resisting the bombings during the Battle of Britain, then by stopping the German army at the Battle of in Egypt in 1942 and finally in 1944 , with a massive American help, by invading Normandy, to liberate France and invade Germany until the final victory in 1945.
In 1947, gained independence from British rule, but at the same time the -majority areas were partitioned to form a separate state of .
In 1973, the United Kingdom joined the Economic Community.

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