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Groupe nominal Verbe Phrase
Pronoms personnels Auxiliaires Formes  Mots de liaison
Adjectifs et pronoms possessifs Be -  - Do - Question tags V - Vs - Ving - Ved - Irréguliers Causes-conséquences
Comparatifs et superlatifs Have (Have versus Be - There be (il y a)) Comparaison But
Too - So - Very Affirmation - Négation - Interrogation - Interro-négation Condition Hypothèse

Some / Any / No

Present Past Questions
Noms dénombrables et noms indénombrables

Simple present

Simple past For / since / ago - during / while

A lot of / Many / Much, (A) Few / (A) Little

Present + Be Ving

Past + Be Ving Traduction de "comme"
'S (génitif ou possessif) Present Perfect Past Perfect Traduction de "faire faire"
Adjectifs Traduction de "on"
Every / all Passive all tenses Relative pronouns
Articles Modals

Prepositions at - in - on

Pluriel des noms May Might Want
Genre (masculin-féminin) Must Should Used to + V et be/get used to + N/Ving
  Will Would it is ... since ...

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