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be have modals Forme pleine Forme contracte
Forme pleine am are is has have had would will be is not /ɪz nɒt/ isn't /ˈɪzənt/
Forme contracte 'm 're 's (1) 've 'd 'll are not /ɑːʳ nɒt/ aren't /ɑːnt/
personal pronouns I I'm I've I'd I'll was not /wɒz nɒt/ wasn't /ˈwɒzənt/
he he's he'd he'll were not /w3ːʳ nɒt/ weren't /w3ːnt/
she she's she'd she'll have has not /hz nɒt/ hasn't /ˈhzənt/
it it's it'd it'll have not /hv nɒt/ haven't /ˈhvənt/
we we're we've we'd we'll had not /hd nɒt/ hadn't /ˈhdənt/
you you're you've you'd you'll do do not /duː nɒt/ don't /dəʊnt/
they they're they've they'd they'll does not /dʌz nɒt/ doesn't /ˈdʌzənt/
one one's did not /dɪd nɒt/ didn't /ˈdɪdənt/
demonstratives that that's that'd that'll modals cannot /ˈknɒt; kˈnɒt/ can't /kɑːnt/UK /knt/US
there there's there'd there'll must not /mʌst nɒt/ mustn't /ˈmʌsənt/
here here's might not mightn't
nouns John John's John'd John'll need not needn't
people people've people'd people'll will not /wɪl nɒt/ won't /wəʊnt/
who who's who'd who'll shall not /ʃl nɒt/ shan't /ʃɑːnt/UK
what what's what'll could not couldn't
where where's would not wouldn't
when when's should not shouldn't
ought not oughtn't
dare not daren't
may not mayn't
used not usedn't