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Date Texts- vocabulary - Words to remember Videos Orals Grammar
01/0410B Trump's protectionism - vocabularyWords-Quizlet
25/0310A Free Trade Agreements: Pros and Cons - vocabularyWords-Quizletpassive
18/039B The Real Secret of Washington, D.C. - vocabularyWords-QuizletWhat is the World Bank? "n'est-ce pas ?"
11/039A The 20 happiest countries on the planet - vocabularyWords-QuizletWhat's the Happiest Country? - 5/03How to do Londonsimple past
04/038B My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant - vocabularyWords-QuizletNew Asian 'American Dream' - Exercises12/02conditionnel
4/028A Is immigration good for the economy? - vocabularyWords-QuizletMyths and Facts of Immigration5/02futur
28/017B Sadiq Khan - vocabulary -Words-QuizletVisiting London29/01Spotlight on the sharing economy comparatives
21/017A London centric : vocabulary - Words-QuizletWealth inequality in the UK22/01"il y a"
14/016B The rise of the sharing economy: vocabularyWords-QuizletWhat is the sharing economy?15/01equivalents
7/016A The great Uber fairness fallacy - vocabulary -Words-QuizletUber protest8/01modals
10/125B 10 Tips for an Ethical Christmas - vocabulary-Words-QuizletHow to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas18/12Fairtrade Christmasdemonstratives
3/125A Fairtrade in India :  vocabulary -Words-QuizletFair Trade: Improving Lives - 11/12adjectives
26/114B Why is it so hard to stop shopping?: vocabularyWords-QuizletAdbusters commercials 1 - 2 - 3 - 4- 5 - 27/11Black Friday Shopping Tipssingular/plural
19/11 4A Black Friday or Cyber Monday : vocabulary Words-Quizlet Shopping This Holiday Season 20/11 This Is Why People Migrate - articles
12/11 3B UK immigration : vocabulary Words-Quizlet Brexit and immigration - 13/11 possessives
5/11 3A The Optician of Lampedusa : vocabulary - Words-Quizlet Interviewof Carmine Menna - (full interview) -  6/11 Generations of debt personal pronouns
8/10 2B Student segregation across US: vocabulary- Words-Quizlet Charter schools more segregated than traditional public schools 16/10 present be + Ving
1/10 2A Students'sell body and gamble to make ends meet': vocabulary- Words-Quizlet Alex's student story 9/10 Mac Donald's and theOlympics simple present
24/9 1C Should McDonald's Sponsor Our Olympians?: vocabulary- Words-Quizlet McDonald's London sponsorship 2/10 Olympic sponsors be & have
17/9 1B More than one in 10 athletes could be doping: vocabulary- Words-Quizlet CNN Explains: Performance enhancing drugs 25/9 Drugs in Sports - have
10/9 1A Man with no arms and legs to swim the Channel: vocabulary- Words-Quizlet Philippe Croizon swims English Channel 18/9
Mallory Weggemann
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