Africa 04

Gap-fill exercise

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   Abidjan      Accra      Alexandria      Cairo      Cape Town      Casablanca      Durban      Johannesburg      Khartoum      Kinshasa      Lagos      Nairobi   
Name and classify the most populated African cities.

CityCountryPopulationAfrican Rankafrica1.jpg
Egypt 15,200,0001
Nigeria 11,800,0002
Congo DR8,900,0003
South Africa 7,550,0004
Sudan 4,975,0005
Egypt 4,575,0006
Côte d'Ivoire 4,400,0007
Morocco 3,975,0008
South Africa 3,775,0009
South Africa 3,650,00010
Ghana 3,575,00011
Kenya 3,500,00012