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Words : Boris Johnson - David Cameron - Gordon Brown - John Major - Liz Truss - Margaret Thatcher - Theresa May - Tony Blair / Conservative - Labour
General Election Appoint-
Prime Minister Party Policy and events

LTDeath of Elizabeth II, Charles III becomes king.
20192019BJCOVID-19 pandemic - Partygate scandal - Threats to unilaterally change parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Reached a revised deal with the European Union with a new Northern Ireland Protocol.
2017 2016 Theresa May Started the withdrawal process of the UK from the European Union
2015 2010 David Cameron June 2016 Referendum on Brexit for the UK to leave the European Union
2010 Coalition government with Lib Dem Deputy PM Nick Clegg: Austerity programme; News of the World phone hacking scandal; Referendum on Scottish independence; Opposition to EU; Controversies
over Arms sales to Middle East countries; Response to Civil War in Syria and emergence of The Islamic State
2010 Gordon Brown London car bombs; Glasgow Airport attack; foot-and-mouth outbreak (2007); national floods of 2007; child benefit data misplaced; Donorgate; Northern Rock nationalisation; Treaty of Lisbon; 42 Days detention; 10p Tax rate; Financial crisis of 2007–2010; Parliamentary expenses scandal; arrest of Damien Green; 2009 flu pandemic; national floods of 2009.

2005 Tony Blair Hong Kong handover; Death of Diana, Princess of Wales; Independence for the Bank of England; Ecclestone tobacco controversy; Belfast Agreement; Human Rights Act; devolution to Scotland and Wales; House of Lords Reform; Minimum wage introduced; Kosovo War; creation of Greater London Authority and Mayoralty of London; War in Afghanistan; Iraq War; top-up fees introduced for university tuition; Civil Partnership Act; Constitutional Reform Act 2005; 2005 London bombings; Cash for Honours scandal; National identity cards introduced.
1997 1997
1992 John Major Early 1990s recession; Gulf War; ratification of the Maastricht Treaty and the Maastricht Rebels; forced exit from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism ("Black Wednesday"); the Downing Street Declaration (initiating the Northern Ireland peace process); Citizen's Charter; Sunday Shopping; "Back to Basics" campaign; Cones Hotline; Dangerous Dogs Act.
1987 Margaret Thatcher First female Prime Minister of the UK. Falklands War; sold council housing to tenants (right to buy); miners' strike 1984–85; privatisation of many previously government-owned industries; decreased the power of trade unions; negotiation of the UK rebate towards the European Community budget; Brighton hotel bombing; Sino-British joint declaration; Anglo-Irish Agreement; Westland Affair; abolition of GLC; Section 28; the "Poll tax"; Lockerbie bombing; the end of the Cold War.
1979 1979

Words : Boris Johnson - David Cameron - Gordon Brown - John Major - Liz Truss - Margaret Thatcher - Theresa May - Tony Blair / Conservative - Labour

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