U.S. main political parties

Gap-fill exercise

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   abortion      Bush      Clinton      cuts      donkey      economic      Eisenhower      elephant      free      government      inequalities      Johnson      Kennedy      liberal      limited      Nixon      Obama      progressive      Reagan      Roosevelt      same-sex      social      tax      Trump      welfare   
Classify the words to indicate the symbol and the philosophy of each party

Democratic party

Republican party


Philosophy Favors "" positions, measures, the state, the struggle against , income taxes, intervention. Favors liberalism, enterprise, in social programs, government and cuts. Generally opposes and marriage Nickname: GOP = Grand Old Party
Main presidents Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Republican Republican Republican RepublicanRepublican
1933-45 1961-63 1963-68 1993-2001 2009-2017 1953-60 1969-74 1981-92 2001-092017-21