American school system 5

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   Bachelor      campus      Chancellor      Colleges      Doctorate      freshman      Governor      junior      knowledge      major      Master      minor      Postgraduate      Professional      senior      sophomore      State      Undergraduate      universities   
Studies : The first two years ( and years) reinforce, in general courses,
the acquired in high school .
During the next two ( and years), the student has to choose
a subject and a one in relation.
These studies lead to a BA or BSc ( of Arts or Science).
Studies : They mainly take place in
These studies lead after one year to a MA or MSc ( of Arts or Science),
and after two or more years to a (a PhD).

Universities : Each state has its own system of public higher education and at least one state university. The President and the Governing Board are appointed by the of the state.
Each one has at least one managed by a .
It is divided into different (of Science, of Arts, of Education)
and Schools (Business, Medicine, etc.).