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Date Texts- vocabulary - Words to remember Videos  Orals Grammar
19/114A Black Friday or Cyber Monday : vocabularyWords-Quizlet19/11
12/113B UK immigration : vocabularyWords-Quizlet12/11possessives
5/113A The Optician of Lampedusa : vocabulary -Words-QuizletInterview of Carmine Menna - (full interview) - 5/11Generations of debtpersonal pronouns
8/102B Student segregation across US: vocabulary-Words-QuizletCharter schools more segregated than traditional public schools15/10present be + Ving
1/102A Students 'sell body and gamble to make ends meet': vocabulary-Words-QuizletAlex's student story8/10Drugs in Sports -simple present
24/91C Should McDonald's Sponsor Our Olympians?: vocabulary-Words-QuizletMcDonald's London sponsorship1/10be & have
17/9 1B More than one in 10 athletes could be doping: vocabulary- Words-Quizlet CNN Explains: Performance enhancing drugs 24/9 Mallory Weggemann
0:50 - 2:40
10/9 1A Man with no arms and legs to swim the Channel: vocabulary- Words-Quizlet Philippe Croizon swims English Channel 17/9 be
5/9 - La Rochelle -